Anthony Irwin | Designer and Illustrator


Chances are, you've probably said to yourself at one time or another, "I wish my phone was slightly bent and had a full keyboard with a glowing Facebook button that let me post instantly to my wall. Oh, and I wish it came in mauve." Enter HTC, to answer your deepest, darkest desires.

I was part of a team that created a microsite which allowed users to connect with their Facebook accounts and explore the different features the HTC Status had to offer. I did most of the animation work for the project, as well as some of the development work. Also, thanks to CHARLES WOOD for all the swanky videos of the site.

Facebook connect

The big deal about the HTC Status was most definitely the dedicated Facebook button. You could use it to post directly to your wall, and it lit up when you received notifications. I love a good novelty phone. The above video walks through the intro, featuring the first of many keyframe animations I did, including a little claw machine and runway show for your Facebook avatar.


The HTC stlye and I get along really well. Their marketing at the time featured a lot of these friendly doodle animations, and it was a blast getting to make some of my own. The above video takes you through some walking shoes (OMG shoes), a network of tin cans, and a miniature where's waldo.

The hardware

Last but not least is the hardware tour. I got to make the Mona Lisa wink, so that was fun. Before that, the animation was a fish bowl zooming in to reveal dolphins swimming merrily in a coral reef. It didn't make the cut, but studying dolphin videos during work hours was pretty cool.

What I learned

Until working on this project, I didn't even know you could produce animations in Photoshop. In my opinion, it's not the greatest tool for animation, but I did get a lot of practice using my trusty Wacom tablet. The HTC microsite was also the first time I worked with video and audio assets in Flash. The greatest lesson of all, however, was that beauty is fleeting. I think the HTC Status was on shelves for about 4 weeks before Best Buy was basically throwing them at passersby as they walked past the store.