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Everything else

Here are some of the other things I've done that I think are pretty neat.

Vimeo Anual Report 2013

Vimeo Annual Report

For fun, a couple of us put together the gif that keeps on giffing. We won a couple awards for it, including and FWA and CSS AWARDS site of the day. If you're feeling brave and have a mighty computer, CLICK AWAY.

Vimeo Mood Screen

Mood Screen

Sometimes you just want a video the fits your vibes. Inspired by old-fashioned mood rings, a couple of us at Vimeo made these crystals sparkle. FEEL THE VIBES.

Vimeo Logos

Vimeo logos

Everyone loves a silly logo every now and then. Here are a few of the ones I've done for Vimeo.

Miscellaneous Logos


Here are some of my favorite logos and badges I've done for various projects.

The Outs Art

The Outs

I've done some of the promotional art for various Vimeo On Demand titles and originals. This one I did for season 2 of The Outs. The subway mosaic is a play off their season 1 title cards.

Camp Flag

Camp flag

Every year, Vimeo heads off to summer camp. We divide up into teams and compete in our own olympics. I designed these flags for each of the teams, but everyone knows the only team that matters is the blue team.