Anthony Irwin | Designer and Illustrator


Few things make me happier than dogs, food, and puns. So naturally, I decided to put all of those things together into a little drawing project I call Puppy Chow. The concept is a simple one: Dog + Food = Dog Food. e.g. Dachsund + Hot Dog = Hot Dachsund. I know. It's pretty great.

I've added some of my favorite doggy doodles below, but you can also follow the TUMBLR for updates or buy some stuff on SOCIETY6.

Hot Dachsund, Chow Chow Mein, Westea, Bento Boxer, Bichon Fries, Great Danish, Lassi Apso, Egg McMastiff, Sealyham Sandwich

Can't stop, won't stop

This may or may not be my life's calling. It's too soon to tell. What I do know, is that this is a silly little project that brings me great joy. If you have any dog food portmanteaus of your own you'd like to see on the internet or in my society6 store, feel free to DROP ME A LINE and I'll add it to my massive puppy chow to-do spreadsheet.