Anthony Irwin | Designer and Illustrator


Moving sucks. It's stressful. It's exhausting. It's expensive. Moveline is a startup that set out to change the way the moving industry works. With an in-depth inventory tool and a super helpful team of Move Captains, Moveline helps people get organized, compare prices, and book movers.

Over the course of this project, I drew all of the icons and illustrations, created an animated intro video, designed a bunch of guides, and designed their initial iOS app.

Inventory Icons

Inventory icons

Work on Moveline started with what can only be referred to as an astronomical amount of icons for the inventory tool. I drew hundreds upon hundreds of vector icons representing every possible thing a person could own. If it's bigger than a toaster, Moveline has an icon for it. Moveline also has a toaster icon.

Splash Page

Site illustrations

I then moved into site illustrations. Since Moveline was just starting out, I got to play a huge role in the identity of the brand. I drew tons of additional illustrations ranging from tiny UI icons, to large-scale blog posts and hero images.

iOS Launch Page

iOS app

As the brand evolved, I was tasked with translating the web app design into an iPhone app. It was an excellent foray into the world of user experience design and mobile design patterns. Needless to say, even more icons and illustrations ensued.

To promote the app, I designed a landing page that evolved the visual style of the brand, and helped inform a new, responsive web design.

Couple's Moving Guide

Moving guides

I later worked with Moveline on several guides for moving. The COUPLES MOVING GUIDE has a pretty useful flowchart for deciding what stuff to keep, toss, or donate, and the CORPORATE RELOCATION GUIDE has great tips for negotiating relocation packages.

Intro video

Last but not least, was one of my favorite parts of working with Moveline: their animated intro video. Aside from setting the final illustration style, I also got to work on every aspect of the animation process. I drew the storyboards, animated the vectors in Flash, gathered audio, and brought everything together in Premiere.


Out of all the agency work I've done, Moveline afforded me the greatest amount of creative freedom. I had always dreamed of having a job where I could draw to my hearts content all day long. All of that independence taught me how to manage my time with surgical precision. With hundreds of icons and illustrations to finish, disorganization was not an option. And now I know what a chiminea looks like.