Anthony Irwin | Designer and Illustrator


So here's everything you probably wanted to know about me. My name's Anthony Irwin. I can finish a box of Mallomars in one sitting. Some people would say I'm addicted to Red Bull, but I would say it's more a case of codependence, in that I can't survive without it and Red Bull executives rely on me to put their children through college.

More specifically, I'm an interaction designer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. I currently work at Google. Here's my RESUME.

Me and Mom


I would say the above picture represents my peak in cuteness, and therefore happiness. We moved a lot when I was younger, so I developed what some would consider to be a remarkable and dazzling sense of humor in order to make friends more easily.

I was always interested in art, but most of my life was spent with my face in a book. I went to school for biochemistry, but instead of becoming a doctor, I became a designer. I have a science department budget cut to thank for my move from lab manager to art director, and I never really looked back.


I hesitate to call myself an adult, because I like to think most adults know how to fold a fitted sheet and make a casserole. But at this point in my life, I'm focusing on becoming a better artist and, I guess, human being. Someday I want to publish my own graphic novel and have my work up in a gallery. I also wouldn't mind being super popular and crazy rich. And that's basically all you really need to know about me.