Anthony Irwin | Designer and Illustrator


It's not every day you get the permission to do something completely ridiculous (especially not on the marketing department's dime). Luckily, Vimeo is awesome.

We had the amazing opportunity to take over a couple of cars on the New York City L train. The idea, courtesy of TAMARA HILMES, consisted of four beautiful words: snakes on a train. We even won an OBIE AWARD for all our hard work.

Taking over

Not only did we wrap the outside of the train with colorful snakes, we wrapped all the seats in Vimeo rainbows and claimed all the ads for our own. Some of our subway quips included, "Plenty of room for your videos. Even before people get out at Union Square.", "Higher quality than street meat. Just as glorious. And without the repercussions.", and "A sight for sore eyes. Gorgeous HD, no ads on your videos.".

Instagram Buzz

The buzz

Everyone loves a good hashtag. We used #snakesonatrain to trackdown the chatter for our trains. While some passengers seem to want to send me hate mail, there were a lot of people with big smiles on their faces. A photographer even made canvas prints of the trains and was selling them in Union Square. It was a really strange thing to see, but it's definitely hanging in my apartment now.

Snake Wallpaper


Hey, if you think your desktop wallpaper isn't eye-screechingly bright enough, why not give this guy a go? It does a pretty good job of hiding dead pixels.


The lovely ANDREA ALLEN was kind enough to make a sweet video of some of us scribbling some chalk snakes in the office. The video makes it look pretty epic. And it was.